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1st time sex.took morningpill.have pink discharge on d 10th daylight.have stocky discharge near somekinda skin?!?
oh my...what could be that skin-like thing that flowed with the blood discharge?

2 weeks unpaid ? why ?
right in detail i am 2 weeks late exactly and i own beeen tested 4 pregnancy 3 times. I am 18 years old and i have be off the pill since december . I have be getting minor cramp evening sickness, gums hurting me, my jeans and panties are getting tight for me . I recently had a kidney infection but have cleared up what are the reasons for this missed period .??Thanks

2 cynical pregnancy test!! reliable??
I recent had a 1 night stand and I own missed my period- have taken 2 tests 1 week apart and both cynical.. I am just nervous!! should I freshly be patient or what??

2 missed period within a row??
ok im 14 and i had my period when i be 12. and only 3 times i didnt have my interval. like the first time it was surrounded by march and i didnt have it but later i got it in april. closing month i didnt get it and i didnt get it this month any and i usually get it the 2nd week of a new month. so in a minute im really wondering why. is it something with what im eating? and i am not pregnant dont let somebody know me that.

2 months delayed. 2 nega home pregnancy test. can't walk to the doc because i'm single and am surrounded by UAE. relieve!
ok, so I moved to an arab country a couple of months ago. I gained like 12 kilos surrounded by that duration of time. I am so worried about my visa, getting a job, my freight problem and all. Before I left the Philippines ultimate May, I had sex with my bf...but he have a rubber on! How come this is happening? Plus I had test at home twice and it gave me a nega result. I mean, I'm single and I am contained by an Arab country so I cant just go to the doctor to get hold of tested.coz if ever I am pregnant...I'll certainly have a trip to the send to prison! Help!!

2 period contained by one month near cramping (menapause)?
I am 37 years old and had a tubal around 14 years ago after my son was born. Everything went fine and own had no problems until lately. About 6 months ago i actually have 2 periods in one month, this happen maybe one other times in the ultimate year with several months in between respectively cycle. Now it has started again, i had a interval at the beginning of the month and it was mundane. Yesterday i noticed the bleeding and althou it dosen't look like my run of the mill period, (was dark at first immediately the color seems to be getting lighter) and this time there is some mild cramping.) My period have always be rough in the past, (very immense with alot of cramps, even after the tubal) So i was wondering could i conceivably be starting menapause?

2 question roughly speaking my workout? I could really use some proposal!!
I've been trying to work out at home, but it seems lately I'll start my video and I in recent times can't get into it at all. I've notice this around the time i start my period more than any other time. does anyone else have this problem? what do you do give or take a few it??and next i'm wondering if i should ever bother working out, I am just underneath 5 ft tall about 120-125 lbs (depends on the day) I know here are other people out there that would shoot to be my size, and sometimes i wonder if i should just stop obsessing roughly speaking my body, my biggest problem w/ my body is my stomach and no matter what i do i can't get rid of my 'spare tire' should i in recent times except what i have? appreciate my size? how do i do that??

2 week cruise. girl serve?
im going on a 2 week cruise with my parents this week and i'm 17 years old, but i'm wondering what will i do around my hair. uh... down there... lol... i already shave it regularly twice a week next to a fresh razor to avoid ingrown hairs but i will be surrounded by my swimsuit everyday and i don't want any razor bumps around that area or spike stubs. i've tried waxing it but it hurt so bad that i have to stop and i tried using a depilatory cream like veet and nair but it didn't do anything at all.. if you've ever be on a cruise what did you do about your bikini line?please relieve i leave on tuesday.

2 week length next to Combined Pill
I started the combined pill (Microgynon) 2 weeks ago, on the first day of my period, and in a minute i am still bleeding. Is this normal? Thanks : )

2 weeks behind, have need of topical question to ask my doctor
i got results of an hcg blood test and tsh level tested. hcg was negative, and tsh level were normal.the first afternoon of my last period be june 19th, 2 and a half weeks late. i enjoy a normal 30 day cycle. for at tiniest 3 weeks, my breasts have been sore, frequent urination, crampy, tugging and pulling contained by my lower abdomen, bloating (to the point of my pants individual tight,) morning sickness, and gassiness. usually, i get no symptoms of pms, just cramping on the 2nd daylight of my period, the heaviest day.although, for yesteryear few months, i do get nauseated about a week since my period arrives, all apart of my frustrations here...what i'm getting at, is i stipulation new questions to ask my doctor. i hold no idea what could be wrong with me. i honestly thought (and felt) resembling i was pregnant. when the doctor told me i wasn't, i was within total disbelief. she said she could give me progesterone to give me a spell, but i immediately turned her down (because i wasn't thinking, and i was a moment ago literally in a state of shock.) in retrospect, i should own asked her about the progesterone (pro's and con's) but at the point she mentioned it, i just considered necessary to get her off the phone because i be getting ready to cry... due to the fact of not anyone pregnant when i honestly thought that i was, and sheer frustration that i still have no answers as to why i felt/feel this path.i will be calling her back this afternoon, but i need question to ask her, or possible things we can look/test for. does anyone have ideas?by the road, i'm 21 and married for over a year.. if that matters.

21 have a few partner and still never have an orgasm!
I feel so left out and incomplete. I figure maybe its the men, but I realized its me. It depresses me to know that I will never experience cumming. What wrong next to me?

21/2 weeks belatedly 3 denial test!!
I am 21/2 weeks late and i have already taken 3 pregnancy test which all say refusal.. I had sex 4 times and each time be used with a condom and we were really safe and sound about it. I also just get off birth control 2 months ago, so could that be the reason for my overly slowly period?? i am not showing any symptoms of being pregnant, Im simply really nervous and stressing out horribly about this! any suggestions??

22 Year Old womanly near request for information nearly Water Retention?
I consume ALOT of salt. Recently I noticed that along the front of my leg (the boney part) that my finger vanished a slight indentation when I pressed. I know this is a sure sign of water retention. I am overweight (5'5 230lbs)and just begin a workout/healthy eating plan. I will be doing intense excersie and my question is...If I retain marine, will It make me seriously bloated drinking 8 glasses of sea a day. I also take a multivitamin next to extra does of b12 and Vitamin C on alternating days. I know I am deficient..I will have to consume more river than usual because of my excersising, so what do I do>? Will drinking more water effect me? I know I am very poorly and Tired of being that way. I WILL amendment my life, I WILL do WHATEVER it takes to bring back to a healthy weight/lifestyle. I am primed!! Thanks in advance for the responses!

24 year behind the times man asking adjectives ladies deeply serious cross-examine. PLEASE HELP!!?
I am 24 as stated above, My thing is i am very self conscious give or take a few my man size. I'm about 6 maybe 6 and a partly inches. How important is size really. Let me explain. I'm single i have have some relationships. I am better than average looking not to sound arrogant but i have have opportunities with some amazingly good looking women but because of my self conscious about my size i cant close the do business. I know i probably sound like a pig but i don't know how else to explain it. I'm a amazingly good guy and outgoing but i am not confident in my size.

26 and never be to the gyno
I know I have to go. I don't hold any issues as far as I know. Its just time to just do it. I know greatly of people have this consternation, don't have a problem going to the dentist or any other kind of doctor (not that Ive be to any kind of doc besides a dentist since middle school). I don't even like my boyfriend to look at me nearby. It really doesn't matter to me if they were a manly or female gyno. I'm very comfortable next to males, probably moreso than females. don't know why I have this extreme aversion to this. I'm going to force myself, but don't think I will put my foot in the stirrups. don't think I could bar that. Would they tell me to leave if I refuse to?? Im just freaking even thinking about it. But I will do it and hope I don't go past out. Is there is a real interrogate in here?I guess I just have need of some soothing words...

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