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(Girls single!)?
I'm new at this but I am 19 yrs old and my gf needed me to rub her feet what the best way I should do so that passageway he would enjoy it?

Question for girls?
I am a 21 yr old male, newly out of curiosity, what would you do if your bf or fiance took your pretty little toes and started licking them would you like it or no?

birth control quiz?
Im on YAZ and I know that you have to take birth control equal time each day. On the site, it say even if you miss one pill and you take two the next daylight, your chances of getting pregnant are not raised so would I still be protected even if I took the pill a couple minutes or a couple hours late? my bf also used a condom so should I not be worried? The condom kind of kept slipping but not completely stale. Thankss

Do you know - Best ' intuitive and on a daily basis - Growth supplement' for an eleven year ancient?
My daughter is 11. She is a picky eater but I understand it's the time when she shud get the best of nutrients to grow properly. I am not asking the 'Body Building supplements'. I want to know if you know of any ' support in daily nutritive value' supplements for a minor. If it's specifically for girls - even better... thanks

Does have 2 period this month aim that my body is getting in position for pregnancy ?
I also was told that bleeding alot the second time meant my body be preparing for pregnancy soon is this true or false ?

facilitate breast size??
i have small boobs but ive just turned 15.i started my length when i was 14my mother and sisters seem to hold the same boob size. (36C)but im slim and my mother and sister werent like me at adjectives when they were younger.will i get like peas in a pod boob size as my relatives?

girls i requirement your lend a hand! i haven't gotten my time surrounded by 1 month i'm merely 13
i haven't gotten my period in a month and i don't reason i'm pregnant because i've never had a boyfriend i don't even hang out near boys and i'm always with my parents so yea i hope i'm not!! i don't want to describe my mom because i'm scared she might think wrong and and start asking me adjectives these questions and i dont want to go to the doctors because she other asks me wen i got my last interval. i haven't even had any cramps i am bleeding a little bit but when i out a wad it's never really my period this has be happening for weeks i'm really scared please lend a hand me! oh and i have only have my period for i think 1 year HELP ME PLEASE!

girls support please!
ok so on friday i have to get a physical for sports and i looked-for to know if it ok to be in ur peiriod! and what do they ask u bout ur period during a physical?

Has any of the ladies of YA experienced a fibroid tumor?
An MRI of my hip a few weeks ago shows a suspected fibroid tumor on my uterus. If anyone has experienced this, I would appreciate any info you could give me...i.e. treatment, seizure, etc. Thanks.

have tampon trouble?
i've never used one b4 and am having difficulty. i can't seem to find the hole or it wont walk in ..or something like that I'm not sure its in recent times really frustrating...so i just give up after a while b4 it starts to not really hurt but touch weird from trying to get it to dance in...

heavy cheast pain its a gas trouble or serious answer me

Hello around the time that u ovulate do u have a feeling extremely hot?if so why ?
do u get hot every time u ovulate and do u belched alot also

How to remove quill around genetial areas ?
Hi, this is dhanya from pune. I have a very urgent enquiry. Please guide me. How to remove hair around genetial areas. I don't want to use razors. Is in attendance any cream available there in souk for this ? Is VEET Hair Removal Cream is ok ? Plz suggest me out

i am lactoes intolerent and i be wondering sence you can't own milk dose that be set to that my boobs won't grow

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