Best agency to finger someone?


What is normal body pelt level?

use ky and dance easy next bit harder use pressure on cliteris and also run your fingers either side of it thats sensitive too dont forget to use fingers inside her but not too easier said than done unless she likes that

Vaginal put somebody through the mill Is this normal?

rub your index and middle fingers in and out near your palm facing up and press your fingertips up against their upper wall (g spot)

Question about birth control and have sex?

check this out

Itchy vagina?

it all depends on the girl...if its her first time afterwards you of course want to stir slower and start with one. if shes more experienced beside it use two and do different motions, move your fingers alot and start at slow to get her going consequently go faster...also the farther you budge in the more credible you will make her orgasm faster. but adjectives girls are different so when doing it just ask simple yes or no question like does that discern good, do you want me to slow down or use another finger.

When should i dance see a gyneologist?

From the side, pushing against the top while her legs are bent laid down... but don't make this public, this should be a not to be mentioned.

I'm 30 and I have not have a period contained by 6 mos?

Just by seeing the answers you have posted to other populace and the quesitons youve asked, i can tell your a perv . :[

My fiancee watches?

umm right

Cycle is ot past its sell-by date?

just make sure your nail are cut and your hands are CLEAN!

Is my big sister okey?

Don't you estimate it is more proper to ask this one privately. Your other questions are reasonably pervert-like as well. Guys resembling you disgust me! EEEEEWWWW! Is sex all you assume about. Get a duration. Us girls have more critical things to do than sex. Guys are definitely not our priority!! It seem girls and sex are yours. Grow up a little please!!

Help Please!!?

with your fingers...duhhhhh (i am aware this answer be stupid but so was the question)

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