Help!! pink vaginal discharge after sex?

Last night I have sex with my brand new well endowed boyfriend whom have a slight bend in his penis. This morning when I go to use the restroom I noticed a pinkish vaginal discharge. I know he ripped the outside of me, but this is coming from the inside. The concluding day of my time was roughly 3 days ago...i need answers presently.

What could be the cause of intense twinge in the bottom of my tummy along next to frequent passing of urine?

If he is so full-size he could have cause friction and slight damage of blood vessel inside the vagina. Which is the pinkish discharge.
I would not worry too much give or take a few it unless it becomes tight or continues.
Use lot's of lubrication and try and relax to avoid tearing and internal injury.


The walls of your vagina probably are in recent times irritated. If you rub a part of it too much, it can become too tender and end up bleeding. sorry chick, conceivably you should get a "smaller amount endowed" boyfriend with smaller amount of a kink in his manhood

I have hear that masturbation done by female can affect her conceiving probability!?

Don't worry in the region of this too much.
Obviously you tore a little bit- approaching you said, on the outside; just likey on the inner walls of your vagina as in good health.

This is not uncommon, especially if your man is as you said, all right endowed. My husband is as well, and I encounter this habitually. Not all the time, but every presently and then. It's knotty to tell if it's due to friction, tear, or tenderness. But you said that you have finished your cycle a few days ago, so you likely own a little bit of blood moved out over that had not fully discharged, possibility of inner tear, and/or just still human being a little tender.

As long as you are not within too much pain, at hand's nothing to verbs about. Just be sure to use extra lube when it seem extra tight so that you can try to prevent more tearing surrounded by the future. Some pink color, blood, or even seriously of blood can come from this so don't be too suprised if you see this again.

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