Really bright pale urine?

this is a little bit of a ... yuck grill I know I have to concede. but it IS sort of worrying me a little. for the ultimate few days my urine has be bright yellow. I dont know why. I am going to the doctor roughly speaking this.. but thought Id ask you guys as well.. so... any one ? =S

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powerfully...... i think you should drink more sea to get adjectives the toxins out of your bladder i think the more hose you drink the more it might help that's in recent times what i think!

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Drink more sea! You need this to flush out any doomed to failure toxins in your bladder.

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it happens...

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Well, I know that when I drink a lot of hose down, my urine appears much lighter than before, which is a accurate thing in fact. If that isn't the case, you should ask your doctor.

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Talk To Your Doctor.

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have you changed your diet / eat anything different? could just be something you've eat. make sure you maintain your water intake up and own some cranberry juice (it puts a coating on the urethra to prevent infection near i believe - won't hurt anyway)

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so what its yellow? its supposed to be. are u feeling thirst? whats ur diet been close to? are you on vitamins? especially vitamin B?
dont waste ur time or the docs time.

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could be you necessitate to drink more water, could be you are taking vitamins and hold an excess of Vitamin B, that will turn your urine bright yellow.

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This probably isnt the basis, but just may be so i thought it be worth letting you know. If you are taking a multivitamin or b-vitamin supplement your urine can be this colour as b vitamins are naturally this colour and can turn your urine bright wan too. i used to work in a robustness shop and we had to alert people of this surrounded by case they get worried

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Do you appropriate a multivitamin? Sometimes the B-vitamins make your urine massively yellow for a few hours after you purloin it. It is not a problem. If it continues and you have not introduced vitamins, after contact your doc for professional advice. Good luck. :)

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It could be a couple of things. Have you started taking a multivitamin in the past few days? Multivitamins can do that to you sometimes. Also you could be desiccated. When you don't drink enough, your urine is usually bright wan, and sometimes cloudy. You could also have an infection, most potential bladder. Either way its well brought-up to check with your doc. Good luck!

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The darker your urine is, the smaller amount hydrated you are. You want urine thats clear, it means your body have flushed out all the poisons and is very soon just insincere the water itself.

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"bright" urine can be caused by taking vitamin supplements. But do drink more river til you get to drs to know for sure.

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The colour of your urine can be easily artificial by your diet - this happened to me when I started taking a vitamin C supplement (I don't know whether it be the vitamin, or the colouring in the tablet.) Have you eaten any strongly coloured or flavoured food (coloured sweets, curries etc?)

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it happen to em once but i only get it for wee like 2 times but it be dead tacky and it turned out to be discharge

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If it doesn't smell or burn it probably does not represent a medical issue. It may have be affected by your recent fluid intake or something in your diet. Take a indication with you when you see your GP. He will dip stick it and probably know how to reassure you quickly

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More water is needed!

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First look at what your diet is. Are you taking Vitamin B supplements, berocca etc? If not, dark urine usually manner that you are not drinking enough sea. The yellow is because your body is contantly trying to attain rid of toxins in your body and when you are dehydrating it does not help you flush them out. My direction is to drink a lot more wet especially in the morning when you win up. I drink about 500mls around brekkie time and that flushes my body out efficiently. Also if you are not careful you could develop cystitsis (dark unrine next to buring/itching feeling). Try and limit your alchol as economically. When you drink every second drink have a cup of water and that will serve you to keep up near good renal vigour.

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ARe you on any medication? many can alter the colour of your urine. do you own pain when urinateing? whenever I enjoy a UTI my urine is much darker pallid. I'm not sure what else it could be... but yes, for sure talk to your doc! righteous luck

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Best thing is to consult to your doctor...If you were not drinking sea regularly that would be the cause...But since drinking hose down it still persists, consequently go to your doctor

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even with you drinking river you still can have a urinary bug in in attendance. or it may be nothing. something you are taking or ingestion or drinking. like you said see your doctor. honest luck

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You're not drinking enough sea - try and drink at least 2 litres a daytime - you will know when you are drinking enough when your pee become clear.

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Did you not long start taking vitamins? I remember I once took some vitamins that turned my urine fluorescent yellow.

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I'm a great believer in Cranberry liquid..That's as well as the warning you get from your doctor..

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My urine is bright yellow from the multi-vitamin I pilfer. On days I don't take them, it's commonplace. This might be your reason too.

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your most predictable dehidrated

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I have have a couple of kidney infections and it sounds like you're on the agency to one. you need to buy a few litres of cranberry liquid and drink it. i bet you that's what your doctor will say too

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more water

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Ring your doctor and run and see him/her.

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u might have germs in ur urine so best to be in motion to doctors they will check it out for u. Hope this helps

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excess b vitamins such as if you are taking a vitamin supplement can fashion ur urine a bright colour...mine turned illuminous yellow since..there be nothing wrong near me.just my bodys method of getting rid of what it doesnt need

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