Are all womans viginas the same? if so how are they different?


do you hate question that have consignment in title?

They are adjectives built the same but they adjectives look different in their own approach. Every one is individual.

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Are adjectives men's penises the same?

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yea..all r same, the with the sole purpose diffrence is some r tight or some r loose - it depends on basically ur sexual obsession. I am not counting color as diffrece..i mean, may b color rise and fall....some has pink, or some have bron or some has black

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While vaginas do come in varying shapes and colors, they adjectives function essentially the same means of access.

What may be more important for you to ask yourself is:

What more or less the creature attached to this particlar vagina?

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For heanes sakes, why should girls know? Have y'all be lookin at other girls vaginias?

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I mull over most are different from my experience;
Some are tight- others loose
Some have a highly noticable libiba and lips that pretude-others dont
They smell different, some slightly ville!!
there is also a difference on the moisture inwardly.
Then some come with different coat styles or bald.

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