Should i try Nair down removal?

I shave my legs which a razor but it's hard on the bikini line so i'm thinking of trying Nair or Veet? Which works best?
I'm not aloud to wax and my mom doesn't know give or take a few me shaving my bikini area.
I was just going to dance and buy Nair/Veet myself, but was wondering, have you had any doomed to failure experiences?
I have sensitive skin so i'm worried it might burn it?
it works but IT SMEELSSSS LIKE ***! AND the smell does not wash away efficiently! IT SMELLS LIKE BURNING GAS AND BURNING ****
I've heard of general public doing this but you really shouldn't. It can get in your vagina or by your clit and that could really hurt.

Maybe if you didn't use it so close to your vagina and were really practical you could be okay but I would really not advise it.
I used to use it, It may burn a little... But it doesnt really make you fundamentally smooth. It takes off just the surface of the tresses, not down to the roots... but not even as close as shaving. I guess it did minimize the bumps though.. Just try the one specifically for the bikini area. Oh yea and it smellls real bad too!
So first you want to exfoliate the nouns with a loofa, and then use a moisturizer when you are done. :)

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