Is in attendance anything i can do to engender my boobs stop growing or grow slower?

i'll be 13 in september and i'm already a 36c.. i dont want to be a d when i'm older.. because i'm like the impeccable size and i'd be weird if i was skinny with similar to huge boobs lol
enjoy your boobs! im 12 too and im in a 30A!! grain really lucky :D im a late bloomer :( you could be like me, with undeniably NO booobs!
LOL Gosh, you sound approaching I did. There isn't anything you can do hun, sorry. I use to tape my boobs, wear a bra to bed, you name it, I tried it.
I had to hold a breast reduction from back pain when I be 18, I was in a E...and 115lbs and I am 5'4...I couldn't lose any weight and try to lose the boobs. Just try to traffic. Sports bra's are comforting and make you look smaller, especially tight ones. I wish I could give you a miracle cure, I go through the same thing. Except I was a C at age 12. Good luck.
Wear your bra more often...even when you sleep.
okay this sounds weird but my child nouns teacher my freshman year said that there is a possibility that hormones they put in chicken and turkey breast will get ur boobs grow bigger.. id try googling that or somethin =]
your meant to have them big i guess.
sometimes you grow them and when your roughly speaking 15 or so you will stop
apparently if you wear your bra all the time (even when you sleep) it stops them growing
I don't estimate so, but i don't see why you mind as much about how much you will look weird or not with bigger breasts. The point is that you at least possible have some, while others feel ashamed of their lack within sizes. So think of what you have.
i heard that if you wear a bra all the time it stops the growth
Boobs are fat. So, I don't raelly know how you have them if you are skinny.
sorry, there isn't. you basically gotta hope they don't get bigger.
be happy that you own boobs like yours :(
i'm only a 32B.
wokring out a lot will probly back make them get a bit smaller :)

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