What is the termination of pregnancy before fetal viability called?

Answers:    The medical term is abortion. It is possible to have a spontaneous abortion, i.e., the woman's body terminates the pregnancy. This would not be murder. This is commonly called a miscarriage.

The fetus is NOT viable from the moment of conception. Viable means that the fetus could live on its own outside the mother. 24 weeks is the age of viability. If you have a 20 week old baby, I don't care what you do, that child will not survive. It's body is simply not developed enough to sustain life..
miscarriage if happened on own, abortion if medically assisted. The question was for actual terms. Murder is not a health term I am familiar with. I have been rightfully corrected. I read this question incorrectly. Asking to be excused. :).
Abortion from the moment of conception the fetus is viable.

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