How can you break your hymen??

how could i break my hymen in need have sex? i would resembling my first time to be severely pleasurable and no paiN!!

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It can break from doing sports, falling (I don't recommend doing that on purpose), horseback riding, dance, tampon use, and countless other non-sexual happenings. It can even be broken accidentally during a pelvic exam, and sometimes doctors will intentionally stretch a girl's hymen if it have no first or the passage is drastically small (it's supposed to own a hole contained by it to tolerate term blood out). I do not recommend basically trying to rip it beside your fingers, as this can be itchy and head to infections. However, the one and only road to be sure that it's entirely gone is by have inborn childbirth (not a C-section); within doing adjectives the other things that damage/break it, even have sex, it's probable that it's still somewhat near.

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Actually a doctor can do it for you. See a Family doctor or an OBGYN.

Otherwise, it is not flowing to break the hymen. Usually you can stretch it by inserting fingers, but breaking it completely, does not usually come about until sex.

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i broke mine when i be 10 rolling around playing near my cousins on the grass so its more or less unforced for some apparantly
(i thought i have gotton my spell; i be similar to im toooo young

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your hymen doesn't hurt when you enjoy sex, its a wasted cloak of blood, and if you've used tampons its already broken. Most girls don't enjoy one surrounded by their teens anymore next to adjectives of the undertakings you do and if you use feminine hygiene products.

your first time will be prickly because your muscles will obligation to stretch to accommodate and if your not prepared for it and like a cat on hot bricks it'll fashion it worse.

But seriously it have zilch to do beside your hymen

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have sex, and it'll probably break

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use a tampon or stick something up in that.
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