POST-Menstrual Syndrome?

The day after my interval ended, I started notion really weird- tired, a little bit "out of it"... and I have a little bit of tingling in my hand and legs. I know it could be just the radiator weather and the end of the academy year bringing stress- but I'm wondering if anyone else experiences PMS-like symptoms in the days FOLLOWING your period.

Spotting for 2.5 weeks, what could it be?

you really involve to see the doc, you might have an iron fewer or something :)

No more period for well brought-up?

after my period i am merely EXHAUSTED! i get desiccated and get so tired. i repeatedly have to come home from university afterwards. you may be dehydrated too. drink lots of dampen and talk to your doctor on your subsequent visit.

How please report me?

Tell me about post-menstrual syndrome!! I own been attacked by it too and solitary in something like the past three months... What is so confusing is that in history 2 years I had be experiencing more intense pms. I saw my doctor who said it could be extreme pms or pre-menopause! Aouch! I'm 39; isnt't that too young? Well, "no" she say, it's actually up to more and more woment. I dealt beside that by exercising and eating all right and takine vitamin B supplements and calcium. Just when I was notion better before my interval, now I notice something is happening after my interval... and it's exactly pms resembling symptoms although shorter. I get tired, I hold headaches but the worse is that I hold anxiety attacks, extreme moodswings and I feel totally stressed out and depressed...It's close to I'm losing it! I have 3 kids and and I know it could take stressful but something is definitely going on with my hormones. I read it could be an oestrogen/progesterone inconsistency. You should probably check with your doctor; that's what I will do too. Good luck and droop in here!

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