Help next to possible UTI or kidney infection?

Has anyone had anything like this happen?

My symptoms are:
Strong odored urine (still a urine smell, but VERY strong)
Having to urinate normally (about 3 or 4 times a night too)
Pain in the lower right side of my back

I enjoy a doctor's appointment scheduled for today, I just wanted to see if anyone have any idea what might be going on. Thanks for your help.
couls be either. you are doing the right point my going to the dr. they will have you pee in a cup, test it and after prescribe some antibiotics!
sounds approaching a UTI to me,
i'm finally getting over mine.. thank goodness for antibiotics !
the pain contained by your right side of your back could be a kidney infection, or atleast that's what my doctor said..
good luck at your appt. !!
It is one of those 2 things.
The Dr. will get you some antibiotics to clear it up. Just fashion sure you take all the antibiotics, even though you will start to feel better contained by a few days.
Go to the Dr's office with a full bladder. They will want a urine sample.

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