How do i prepare for puberty?

I need to get panty liners and pad and all that stuff i know, but are there any little surprises i should watch out for? tips? i should attain it soon, im thirteen and im getting the white milky stuff. no red yet though. im kinda worried about if im gonna have a weighty flow :(
oh and one more thing.... how often should you metamorphose your pad?
um if your really unhealthy probably more often than this but when at school and using pad i would do this in the order of lunch time like i said more often if you are heavy also you don't requirement to worry about this if you use tampons which you change every eight hours and as for surprises conceivably some nighttime pads (sounds nasty but again only if you are heavy) I don`t know pamprin or midol too... hope this helps...
There really is no big preparation for puberty. Puberty is more than just your period, It's growing breasts, getting hormones, pubic pelt, shaving, for males it's a change in their voice.

As for your pending extent, which it sounds like is coming soon since you are having the white discharge, be prepared by having pad on hand.

You will never know about your flow until it happens.
As for shifting your pads, that will come when you actually have your time and you will know.
You are going to get your period but it may be a long time previously you do. Change your pad when it feels heavy.
well, your gonna surface the blood coming down so when you feel really uncomfortable then you revise the pad. And most of the time first periods do come out heavy because its letting out adjectives the blood. But everyone is different and its nothing bad, so dont worrry. Um.. well for sure hormones are gonna be raging lol. Everytime you find someone attractive or they turn you on that white stuff is gunna be coming out. Your boobs are gonna grow, and may possibly be one bigger than the other, your gunna win taller, and your feet are gonna grow. Of course it all takes time.

HOPE I HELPED! Source(s): puberty books
Does the white milky stuff look like cottage cheese? Is it itchy? If so, then it could actually be a yeast infection. The stuff that comes up to that time your menarche (first period) often has a yellowish tinge.

I had that yellowish milky/crusty stuff for roughly speaking two years before I got my period. That discharge method that your period is coming, but it could still be a while yet.

Having pads on paw is a good idea, but it isn't something to panic more or less. Your mom or older sister or aunt or whoever almost definitely has some at home. And your institution probably has some in the office. But, it never hurts to own a few in your backpack or purse.

Someone mentioned deodorant, but I'm sure you're already wearing that anyway.

Regarding surprises, every woman is different. You could get hit with surprises - and, truthfully, you probably will at some point. But I don't muse there's much that we can warn you about. You might get solid flow, you might get cramps, you might get moody (PMS). But you'll deal next to it; zillions of women already have. Don't fret about it.

How often should you convert your pad? Whenever it gets full. On a heavy hours of daylight, it isn't uncommon to need to change your wad after about a hour or an hour-and-a-half. On the slow days at the end of your period, you could travel a few hours without changing it. If you go into the washroom and you see a patch of blood going on for half the size of your palm, I'd change the pad. But, you'll find to know your own body pretty fast.

And one final note regarding definition. "Puberty" finances all of those changes that your body goes through during your pubescent years; getting your period is part of this, but this also includes things like your breasts swelling, growing pubic spine, your voice changing, etc. "Menarche" refers to a woman's/girl's first period.
The white milky stuff is discharge. Actually it might take 1 or 2 years earlier you get your period.. If you just get you white milky stuff then yes, it could take 1-2 years.. Get pads, deodorant, and that kinda stuff.. You should evolution your pads every 4 hours..
so yes u will be gettin ur period soon i advice u to procure midol for the pain me personally i dont get cramp but if its ur 1st u should cause u dont know how bad it will hurt. u should also buy duches use it after ur period is over bout 2days after. it cleans ur insides but dont do it close to on a regular base. u should change ur pad close to every hr even if ur flow isnt a lot cause u dont want to smell. n see if u like tampons better i do mete out its like ur not even on ur period n nobody can tell. sumtimes pad show through tight clothes. wear dark colors on ur mentral cycle n drink water the whole time it stops the niggle no sodas or chocloate cause it gives u more cramps hope that helped u u can email if u enjoy other ? gud luck wit the puberty thing
99% sure ur already started puberty. ur partly way there. u can email or im me for specific questions though.

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