What color is discharge supposed to be?

It's always been a whiteish/clear color but i've noticed this week have been weird like mostly clear beside some tan...i've never seen that hue before and it's mode of freaking me out...whats going on?
Could be a touch of old blood mixed in with your regular discharge as the vagina is self-cleaning.
It could be a little things! If you notice a foul smell then you may have an infection. And if it continues you may want to see your doctor. Alot of things jump on in our bodys its probably nothing just hang on to an eye on the situation.
Normal discharge can be anywhere from pure and clear to slightly straw-colored. If it starts to become thick and opaque, or turns greenish, yellowish, etc. you should take a trip to your doctor, in recent times in case. Also, if there is twinge or itching associated with the discharge, that's a good hint to see the doctor, too.

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