Should I shift capture Plan B (morning after pill) or am I overreacting?

On Aug. 10 (a Monday) I started taking birth control but it got messed up because I started the day AFTER Sunday start (didn't want to wait) and never took the first pill. I haven't missed a pill since starting though.

Three days ago I lost my virginity, and my bf used a condom. We then have sex the next day and he switched condoms after about 5 mins cuz "he didn't similar to the way that one felt". our hands came into contact next to his penis after being in the last condom (with precum). His hand came into contact with the outside of the new condom and my hand came in contact with my "area". Then the NEXT daytime we had sex again and the condom kept slipping. Is it too early to assume I am safe by individual on birth control (it's only been two weeks and four days, my packet is almost finished)...should I go acquire Plan B or am I totally overreacting by thinking whatever got on our hands later got inside of me...?
i would get plan b just to be safe and not worried.
Good luck! :)

Edit: The pill have to be taken within 72 hours after u guys had sex or else it wont be as powerful.
don't even worry about it, it's freshly the "paranoid losing of virginity jitters" those always make you think that might own gotten pregnant but really your just jumping too conclusions! Source(s): i have those 3 days after i lost mine too.
Ok, this is going to be long. You don't HAVE to start on Sunday. It's just easier to remember and you avoid having a extent on a weekend. If you still have the pill from the Sunday that you didn't take, just pocket it last. You will now be a MONDAY start, and you can continue taking birth control resembling you normally would. If you started taking it while you were on your period (ideally the first time or so), then you *should* technically be protected after a week, but to be safe we usually advise you to continue two weeks just to be sure. If you take your pill at the same time every daytime and haven't missed one then your chances of pregnancy are low depending on where you are within your cycle. Day 1 is the day you get your period, and around afternoon 14-15 is when you are most fertile. After day 16 you're relatively safe even with minimal protection exact there is nothing to fertilize. Birth control should prevent you from ovulating anyway, so there will be no egg to fertilize if adjectives goes according to plan.

Now, here is where the debate begins. People may argue or make clear to you otherwise, but Pre-Ejaculate contains no viable sperm cells. No, no it does not. You cannot get pregnant from pre-come on its own. If your partner recently ejaculate (without urinating afterwards) and then began to fool around with you, sperm that are already of late chillin' in the urethra can mix with the pre-come. You can prevent this by having your partner urinate prior to sexual comings and goings and making sure he washes his hands after masturbating. Most of the time the pull out method fail because men have terrible timing and actually ejaculate a tiny bit inside you. Not exactly a biddable birth control method.

If the condom keeps slipping, you need to buy a smaller size or a different brand. They should feel snug and remain contained by place. Also be sure that he is applying them properly. If he accidentally puts it upside down and touches the tip of the penis, throw it away and start over. Put a few drops of lube on the tip of the penis, pinch the tip of the condom to provide a reservoir for the ejaculate, and roll it down to the base. You can then put a little lube on the outside. Lube will decline friction and reduce the chances of the condom breaking, and also make it consistency a lot more pleasurable. I think dry condoms feel approaching you're having sex with a plastic bag. Never wear two condoms, this is in truth less effective than just using one. Friction of the two rubbing together can produce them to break.

Now, here's the deal about Plan B. You're going to need to see your doctor in the region of a prescription if you're under 18, and you need to take it in 72 hours (3 days) for it to possibly take effect. You've kind of missed your window of opportunity.

Unless you own reason to believe that a significant amount of semen entered your vagina you're probably just one paranoid, which is fine, it means you care about individual safe. Your first few times are a little scary mete out you've had ''if you have sex you will get pregnant and you will die'' drilled into your chief since the 5th grade. When you start to understand your cycle and the way the body works sex become a little less scary. Just don't skip biology class....

You can phone call a pharmacist and present your case to them and they can advise you as to what they feel is best, or you can seize to a public health centre or planned parenthood clinic as in a hurry as your little legs will carry you. Plan B can be $40-$80 from the pharmacy, or cheap or free from a health centre. Don't appropriate Plan B more than 6 times in a year. Also note that you may experience spotting, a second period this month, or a missing time of year after taking Plan B. It's kind of like the Godzilla of birth control pills and the hormones mess with your cycle.

If you miss your interval this month and are worried, take a home pregnancy test. If you were pregnant hCG would be detectable surrounded by your urine after 2 weeks. Blood tests from a doctor can detect it sooner.

Also know that stressing over being pregnant can actually explanation your body to act pregnant.

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