Help beside my first length?

okay so in may had my first period, i presume. i only saw a strip of blood for one day, and when i got home i put on a wipe and never saw anything else. is that normal?

also, when should i get my next? will it closing longer than 1 day?
Yeah that's normal
because your body is just getting used too it.
the subsequent time you will have to be prepared though because your period may last up to four days.
and it might procure heavier , and blood will come out.
even though you are a starter you should try tampons
they work really good.
just read the instructions&correction every eight hours depending on what kind they are :)
This very normal for your first period. It could be a month or two until your subsequent period. It could take months for your body to regulate to a monthly schedule. In the close-fisted time stock up on feminine products.
Just to let you know, tampons are not the best thing for young girls, especially if you are virgin. Tampons enjoy also been known to cause toxic shock syndrome if you are not meticulous with them.
That's completely normal. Don't worry in the region of it at all. You should get your period contained by about 28 days. If it doesn't come exactly on that date you will be alright. It will last longer than a day, it could ending up to a week or even more. Just keep changing your pads. I do not recommend using tampons though. Just because you are starting. If your length comes early or late or doesn't even come for that month, don't worry, they are irregular for up to 2 years. Don't verbs about it. Talk to your friends about it to. You will know if they had there's by the reality if they have bigger boobs than you do or if they leave to go to the bathroom plentifully during class. You will only have to change your wipe about 2-3 times a day unless it is very creamy. Source(s): Personal Experience.
I haven't had mine but I learned surrounded by Family Life last year that when you first time your period comes it is very irregular so yes this is majority. Like I said you may be late on your next period cuz you are still iregular but consequently again you could be early. A normal period comes every 28 days! When you become regular it will finishing 1 week but till then you might have once or twice!! Source(s): Family Life Class

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