What color can period be?

So I woke up this morning and I had brown stuff in my underwear. I'm pretty sure this is my period...but I'm not sure! If it is, next this would be my first period. Is it normal for the blood to be brown? Will it turn red after a couple of days? Is this even my period?! By the method, I am 13 years old. Turning 14 in January.
The first period i got was brown the intact week. it turned red the second month i got it. I smelled my under wear when i first saw it. i know thats gross but I had to know that it wasnt because i hadnt wipe good enough or something.
Yeah, at first it can be brown, or if it's old-fashioned and been sitting in your underwear for a while. Once it gets heavier, probably within the next day or so, it will turn bright red, and then towards the wrapping up it will turn brown again.
Haha Das you pooed yourself.
Yup thats your period it is discharge beside vlood that has lost its oxygen
Yes, when you are starting it is brown, then it turrns red when you start to bleed heavier
red or brown. but if its ever white or yellow then progress to the doctor

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