How do u craft ur boobs GROW surrounded by cup size?!!?

i want them to b bigger not look bigger!! n a period of time?
Eating tomatoes will aid you boobies get bigger. No joke.
There is absolutely nothing that you can do to transfer cup size that is healthy.
You can get implant or you can gain weight and Possibly gain cup size but the rest of you will look bigger they wont appear any better.
Yes you can exercise your chest muscles ..that may give a more lifted appearance ..but not a adapt in the actual size.
If you are a young teenager you may still be growing..if you are an grown then likely you are done.
implants i guees they not realy bigger but who cares bigs boob are virtuous eather way
Idk anything about how cup sizes work but

eat alot of big macs
um, you can't make your boobs bigger unless you turn and get implants...
Actually depends on how you react to it but generally birth control increases breast size. You can jump to to read about which drugs have this side effect, and then to your doctor to see which work for you. Mind you the most they'll increase is probably single one size, and then it also depends on your body and how it responds.
Go gain weight. :/

If you're a B wanting to be a C, yeah, you don't wanna be a C.
By giving men to rub and grab them..
we own magic powers you know?
get pregnant.
Play with them a bit; wipe, etc. Source(s): True story.
gain weight.
you could buy herbal enhancement pills, but you own to be 18.
you could get surgury but you have to be of age.
BUT, i read cosmo and it says that if you chomp through a lot red meat your boobs should grow.
but it's different for every person.

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