Can you own PCOS at 16?

i'm rly irregular, like to the point of
july 15th
september 17th
november 6th
december 30th
end of january sometime
consequently nothing till
beginning of april

i bloat exceptionally easily, have really thick eyebrows, hairy upperlip [thank god for wax!], and legs that necessitate doing every couple of days

generally would you say i own it?

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You can definitely have PCOS at 16. PCOS isn't a disease that you "get" as you bring older, it's something that you're born with, it purely takes time for the hormones that cause the symptoms of PCOS to appear. I first started have symptoms of PCOS at 17. Annoyingly, my doctors just put me on birth control pills to regulate my periods and didn't do the test to diagnose the PCOS. Now it's 12 years later, and I'm having no luck conceiving. I would own rather known almost it 12 years ago.

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What age did you get your period at? If you hold only had them for a few years, they might not be regulated nonetheless and that could be why they are not monthly. However, with the irregular periods and the other symptoms, I would enunciate it is definitely a possibility that you have PCOS. I would turn see an OB/GYN and get checked out to make sure. Good luck!

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