I'm 13, and my sex drive is raging?

So yes, I'm a girl, and I am horny CONSTANTLY.

Is there something wrong with me?

And what can I do to fix it?

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Well this is human outlook. and from my experiance i use to masterbate alot wheni was your age. I'm 25 now but i use to use the shower team leader to get off and find anything i could to masterbate next to. Its actually heathy to explore your sex drive. But if u are having sex next to guys u need to be protected and on some birth control. If your scared to ask parents u can find a strength unit to help u next to birth control. Have u tried being with gurls fo a lil while freshly to stay away from boys? I'm sure u can find some gurl in your area or on yahoo specifically willing to have a play date every hours of darkness or once in a while. Then u can explore your sex drive together with no worries. But hope u sort the right decisions.

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I know it sounds patronising but your hormones are probably all over the place, possibly an increase in testosterone. Don't worry I have an extremely overactive sex drive at your age, though it's still pretty strong, it has calmed down a little. Sorry to ask but do you masturbate? If you don't I reason this would be good for you to release some of that sexual tension!! I don't focus there are any medical conditions where this is a problem but within may be, so if it persists beyond the next few years progress see your GP. I know there is one condition where citizens orgasm like every 5 minutes. I'm sure you're perfectly in shape! Just enjoy it ;)

Ladies, set me straight!?

DO NOT HAVE SEX. You are 13 and could easily bring back pregnant . Seriously you dont want that at 13. You are still a Baby!!
Go talk with a Doctor.or
Masturbate or something...within is nothing you can do.

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nothings rong with you, its usual to feel this way, we own all been throught it :)
your a babyish girl growing up its all part of becoming a women, i suggest masterbating conceivably?

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Masturbating would definetly work, and no worries dear ur fine its totally normal at you're age...make sure you dont hold sex at this age
good luck xxx

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i would guess the best way is to masturbate. It'll soothe your desire.

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wat u inevitability is a good f*ck.

Come to New Zealand and do me. im 14

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