Stress pains exist?

Im just 16 and Ive be to a doctor in the past for this. I take side pains like mad. Left side, lower than the breast a short time ago right beneath that rib. These pains sometimes be in motion down my side and can organize into my wager on. Sometimes, but not as regularly, they are on my right side as in good health. The anguish is increased near every breathe. When the pains take place it is habitually when Im thinking something like something stressful, when something stressful is stirring and so on. Rarely do they appear arbitrarily.

The doctor, who I didnt trust since it be the first time i visit her and she also put me on pills that we unnecessary, told me it be a urine track infection. I truely didnt believe her. But this be also a year ago that I saw her, she said the pains would give notice. They havent, little by little gotten worse they give the impression of being.

Just asking for warning to security the throbbing, your thoughts on what the aching could be, anything would assistance me some.

Female ask (is this majority?)?

do the pains radiate between the ribs to the rear legs or run down to the belly or to center of chest? if the first is true later most potential a short time agreed disorder call inter-coastal neuralgia motive is hormone inequality adjectives surrounded by childish developing females, which most will grow out of as the hormone level harmonize, you can thieve a innate supplement such as black cohosh to support alleviate symptoms, if the second is true most imagined anxiety attack which can mimic heart attack and shortness of breath if second is true calendar for complete check up!

When the doc say that my Cervix looks fitting does it show everything is OK?

I am not a doctor but your symptoms nouns similar to an anxiety attack. Often relatives experiencing them enjoy severe pains in their chest and are see at hospital emergency rooms believing that they are have a heart attack. Just a suggestion that you may find compliant: Cut put money on or completely do away with caffeine from your diet (or at the totally lowest spot when you consume it and how it relates to your symptoms). Caffeine increases anxiety.

More importantly...Please budge rear legs and see a doctor, if you do not enjoy confidence surrounded by the first one you saw ask to see another one.
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