What does extreme fatigue, joint pain, and skin painful to the touch mean?

I am 53 years infirm and post menapausal. Ok, so I enjoy arthritis, depression, and anxiety disorder. But, these things should be below control at this time. The skin problem is on the posterior of my collar, where on earth I get sunburned everyday for 3 years (about ten years ago).

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Ok Ida where on earth should I start the detail? First, own you have a bone density trial? Very impressive. There are a fist full of things that come to mind. where on earth do you live and could you own picked up a tick?
You don't obligation to answer exactly where on earth you live, but you might consider one checked for Lymes if you do live by tick country. Ok, so we scaratch the tick ..How going on for bone denisity, is Osteroporisis a possibility? I sure would resembling you to step check the symptom checker @ http://symptoms.webmd.com/ and permit us know what it say also

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At first partial view, I'd utter warmness nouns, from assorted sources, the sun, fever, inflammation, etc.

I'm sorry to speak in attendance's no cure for arthritis, depression nor anxiety disorder, they might be lower than control, but you'll probably enjoy to matter next to it for the rest of your life span.

ultimate but not lowest, gossip to a doctor, the certainty your skin is bloody to the touch is a unpromising sign, desire medical attention as soon as you can

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The combination of those three things could be coincidental, but probably not. You should see a doctor - and soon!

Good luck!

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Could be chronic fatigue - I have these symptoms near chronic fatigue
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