Have you ever had breast implants and since attempted sucide or battled depression even if it seems unrelated?

Hello everyone

I am a freelance correspondent, potentially writing a portion for a UK national weekly, exploring a research report. This report finds that women who enjoy have cosmetic surgery (like breast augmentation) tend to own sophisticated rates of suicide and depression than the rest of the population.

I am interested in discussion to women who enjoy feel the have need of for cosmetic surgery to find out whether the surgery have in truth help them revolutionize their self-esteem, or whether they still raid depression or suicidal emotional state after have have the surgery.

I am also interested in chitchat to women who hold have breast implant surrounded by days gone by and own since attempted suicide, or relatives and friends of women who hold successfully committed suicide and who also have cosmetic surgery at some point during their time.

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Well isn't it already unashamed that women next to surgery will attempt suicide more regularly than those that don't?. they must've be extremely despondent or depressed to consider surgery within the first place. Nobody that's bullish would want to shift themselves, they wouldn't hold any involve to

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i dont know if it counts, but i enjoy attempted suicide surrounded by the recent past, and enjoy a consultation tomorrow for breast surgery contained by exeter

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that report is bull, within is NO CONNECTION at adjectives between implant cause depression or resulting in suicide. any ethnic group beside breast implant who have depression or suicidale tendancies have alike problems AFTER the operation.


i would not hire you, but i'm sure here are satisfactory rag that would.

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A friend of mine have her breasts done, to create them bigger, she have them done 10yrs ago, but ironically to ur request for information she too tried to commit suicide this year, she overdosed surrounded by painkillers, her heart stopped twice, and she be on life span support, point to her suicide be bring of her hubby cheating on her, shes other training in the gym ( she survived) as she keep thinking shes podginess, but shes a size 10! is it her low confidence motivation of her hubby or a mental issue?

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I have the surgery and i lift prozac. I ponder the prozac help me near the judgment to dance 4 the surgery. Now that I am smaller number depressed I feel that I could do something I other required 2 do 4 MYSELF!! I am exceedingly pleased beside my boobs and also highly pleased near the style the prozac help my mood swings!

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I have breast augmentation surgery, i be never depressed and suicidal in the past, and i am surely not depressed and suicidal after. i made the outcome on my own, to relieve my self confidence (not that i be depressed, but i feel that near the surgery, i could enhance what i already love). Since have the surgery, i am the differing of depressed. Life have be great, it's the greatest decree that i hold ever made.
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