Why do some women...?

Why do some women get hold of so ticked bad when a guy doesn't ask them out or resists their advance? It's not a personal item. Maybe he's in recent times not interested.

Low sex drive, probably menopause, any suggestions?

Because some women are so egotistical and cogitate they're the most gorgeous woman within the world. Their thinking is, "Why WOULDN'T he ask me out? I'm gorgeous!"

i want someone who is approaching an expert at this plz facilitate?

Well, first sour, what age bracket are we conversation around here? Thats the biggest ask.

Most women (like me) tend to personalize things. And relationships (or want-to-be relationships) are a personal thing. Men get the impression like passageway though if a woman act that route. Everyone wishes their crush to resembling them, and if they dont, it is a heartache.

As women gain elder, they are much more independent these days. I solitary will you luck when you business deal near elder women, since most of them will conduct yourself the exact differing. You may find yourself wanting to dance wager on to the days when girls be upset you didnt want to date them ;)


Ego, probably, basically close to guys surrounded by the reverse situation .

Fibroids----women merely please?

rejection sux! thats what it is, nobody like to be rejected
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