Period help!?

when you gain your extent for the first time, does alot of blood come out, or of late for a time? i purely go to the bathroom and i have 2 little brown stains on my underwear but im not sure if i get it or not.

What disease do you enjoy if you hold a big lump surrounded by your ovary?

I didnt attain any blood my first time. It be of late pallid and brown discharge. Slimy too. I didnt attain my length again for approaching partly a year after that.


I reflect you must enjoy get it

Help me please?

It could occur any style.. More than probable its your interval, and it will take heavier inside a year or so.

Is this usual?

Yeah that's how i started a while pay for. I'm pretty sure thats the conventional channel that it starts, and it will heavier surrounded by a daytime. Nothing to verbs more or less, but congrats and reaction to woman hood. haha :]

Give me your Openion nearly breast size and how to stop a milk, any medeinice is available?

Nope, you don't attain alot of blood straight away. Don't verbs more or less it that, its a myth.

And what happen to you is mundane.

You sometimes return with little 'spots'.
From what you hold stated, you probably will be getting your extent soon.

Good luck :]

Birth Control?

ull take more blood soon

There is a caution on a pilates dvd to not do while on your time does anyone know why?

It a short time ago depends on the entity when i get mine it be simply a short time. Usually brown spots are certain for a yeast infection. But freshly keep on and see if anything else happen subsequent month.

I've be have chronic yeast infections for in the order of 5 months presently. Do I own HIV or be they a short time ago not cured?

yeah u get it my first time i hold 2 brown stains 2 dw you will seize themin just about 1 month again and it will be proper length..
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