What is the difference in a mammogram and an ultrasound in diagnosing breast lumps?

My doctor ordered an ultrasound for 2 lumps contained by my breast. Does anyone know the benefits of one over the other? Any suggestion is appreciated.

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I need I know your age. If you are younger than just about 30, an ultrasound of your breast is the best study for you. I am going to assume you are younger, because if you weren't, you should be have a mammogram to start.

A youthful woman's breasts are dense, and dense tissue looks white on a mammographic motion picture. ALL signs of breast cancer (either a mass or secure types of microcalcifications) are white. You cannot see the white pathology through the average white tissue. Mammograms are not hugely accurate within immature women due to dense breast tissue.

Another use to avoid mammograms if you are infantile is this. The denser the breast, the more the radiation needed to return with an portrait. Most immature women beside breast lumps do NOT own breast cancer. So, that radiation dose to the breast have little benefits. Meaning, you find a well-mannered dose of radiation lacking much adjectives information.

An ultrasound of the breast, especially if you own lumps you can quality, is a correct diagnostic tool. You can show the ultrasound tech exactly where on earth you get the impression these lumps, and she can put the transducer (camera) directly over that nouns. You probably own cysts or conceivably even fibroadenomas, which are totally benign (not cancer). These are see okay beside ultrasound. Best wishes.

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Mammography is commonly used to discover change that enjoy not nonetheless be discovered by other vehicle. Ultrasound will distribute your physician some conception of the density of the lumps and possible involvment of surrounding tissue and if they are fluid-filled cysts, etc.
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