Can you please help me? girls only please! {read details}?

there is something squisy blocking my vagina hole!!
What do i do?
im 12

Pop nouns inside?

honey speak to your mom you requirement to see a dr this could be tremendously serious.

My girlfriend's flipside terminate?

I come up with I don`t know you should see a doctor. That can be the result of an infection or other mediccal problem.

Am pregnant?

It could me mucus (which is average, every woman get it at some point, especially when they take their periods), or it could be a sign of infection.
The best entry to do is see the doctor, if you're embarrased you can stir to a feminine doctor.
Good luck, engender sure you take it checked out! Hope you're better soon.

If I'm have stomach cramps contained by the middle of class, how can I get the impression better in need departure my form?

get to the dr and enjoy it checked whenever you enjoy a cross-examine approaching that its best to hold it answered by a dr,

why does it hurt when i own sex?

see a gynecologist
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