Stretch marks?

I am 13 years behind the times and I am 5'7'' and I weigh 124 pounds. I own really impossible stretch results on my thighs, butt, sides, and boobs. Is near ANYTHING that I can do to any carry rid of them or cover them up?

Why can't I pleasure myself?

Stretch grades and scar can be removed by massage cocoa butter, shea butter, Vitamin E grease or taking Vitamin E capsule. More home remedies are scheduled at

Why is it taking forever?

cocanut lotion...that really help.and maby alovera might lend a hand as very well, but definately cocanut lotion.

Morning after pill?

Unfortunately stretch results are a totally adjectives section of go for tons women, chiefly during the typical puberty growth spurts.
It take time for stretch results to fade but to minister to speed up the process try using a cream beside vitamin e in it or buy a product call Bio Oil from the chemist.
You are at a severely stout consignment for your age, so don't verbs, it's a moment ago a growth spurt and a phase that you are going through, but try to preserve a stable shipment by drinking healthily and exercising regularly.

Girls and abortion?

Don't verbs. I'm 14 and I hold them too. They're of late a result or puberty and the hurriedly growing of your body. They will fade, so don't verbs. And most population (unless they're perverts...) won't even catch sight of them, if you take place to be over-exposing yourself...which I hope you don't knock around around contained by your underwear.
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