Do you enjoy endometriosis and:

1- own you be competent to enjoy children?
2 - did any women surrounded by your clan own this condition?

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I own endometriosis. It's be four years for me and no kid.
My mom have this condition and have a complete hysterectomy at the age of 53. It simply depends on the severity of your condition. My mom's wasn't that doomed to failure because she have kids and that slowed it down. Mine is pretty bleak and I'm merely 26. Your likelihood are something you necessitate to discuss beside your OBGYN. He said mine are getting lower every year. Good luck.

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1. Yes I own endometriosis. I've be dealing next to it for 10 years as far as an sanctioned diagnosis

2. I am not married but I enjoy friends who are and some own be successful at have children purely beside the assist of have laparoscopy (my subsequent door neighbor get pregnant give or take a few 3 months after have a laparoscopy to check for a cyst but the doctor found and cleaned out some endometriosis)

3. I hold a partly sister from my dad's first wedding that have endometriosis but not as defectively as I do

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1 - I hold have endo for 6 years aand hold be trying for kids for 3 i own not but fall pregnant.

2 - I own no ancestral next to this condition so not sure how I finished up next to it.

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Yes I hold endometriosis. When I have my diagnostic laparoscopy 7 years ago I be told it be severe and I didn't hold much of a shot at children. I go on Zoladex injections and have a laparotomy to put my reproductive organs fund within place. Then I go on the pill continuously for a couple of years.

Anyway, 7 years following, I hold a pretty 8 month matured kid girl. I get pregnant on the first try too.

There is hope and you don't know until you try.

P.S. My Mom have endo too.

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Yes, I enjoy endometriosis. I be diagnosed after have my daughter. There be request for information as to whether my mother have it or not. I don't mull over they be that up to date near the disease pay for afterwards but after she have kids, her symptoms go away which is not extraordinary near women who hold endo..
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