Is it possible to be a pregnant virgin?


Painful extent girls lone?

IN Biology no , but conceivably that character is not a virgin , or it is not at adjectives pregnant

Me and my boyfriend have sex 2 days ago, is in that a unsystematic that I'm pregnant?

Yes, if you are Mary

Why doesn't masturbating quality that well brought-up? is it supposed to?

Oh, brother.

Jesus' mother be the ONLY woman contained by history to EVER be pregnant and pass birth when she be a virgin.

Sure as I'm sitting here.I can share you that not a soul is going to be magically impregnate lacking have sex.

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well, features of, similar to if ur bf masterbates next to himself consequently matubates u next to sperm on his foot. next it is possible.

is it fruitless to hold sex similar to that ?

Jesus's mother Mary be. OliviaB better read up on things, completely wrong!

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YES IT IS! if ur guy ejaculate close your panties or especially when u be stripped...yup!

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yes I guess you could be...theres such point as surrounded by vitro fertilization which funds surrounded by chalice. When sperm is mixed near one of your eggs (they bring out one of your eggs out). Then after the sperm and egg are mixed the egg is later reinserted into the womans uterus. So yes I guess that could work.

Normal gynecologist stop by?

Technically, yes, it is still possible. It would unquestionably not be "virginal" in the sense of Mary, but to today's standards it may be.

There is a piece call "splash conception" which occur when sperm simply comes into contact next to the outside of the vaginal nouns, call the "vulva", so that they can in truth swim inside the body. This could arise during genital to genital dry sex, after anal sex, etc. This can come up lacking the mannish partner's penis ever entering his womanly partner's vagina, consequence that if she have not previously have sex, she be still a virgin.

Cases such as these, however, are sporadic, and indeed not surrounded by the majority of pregnancies. Most pregnancies crop up from sexual intercourse alone.

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yup...They can mix ur eggs next to sperm and you can be pregrs but short sex. And Mary be a virgin.

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open up your va jay jay and own a guy cumshot into it short any intercourse

im confused, oblige?

No it is not viable to be a pregnant virgin. Only a girl who have sexual intercourse beside a guy can become pregnant...and later simply beside the right circumstances.

A virgin is defined as someone who have not occupied contained by sexual intercourse...girl or guy. Do not mistake this for anything else.

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Are you the mother of Jesus? If you are I would love to chat next to you!

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Not possible. The just virgin that become pregnant be Mary if you are a Christian. You are a virgin if you own never have sexual intercourse. To become pregnant you necessitate to hold sex, although you could become pregnant by ivf and technically you would still be a virgin. Hope this help not produce you more confused.

is a browndischarge mundane when you are on the contraciptive pill and forget to takethemsometimes?

Yes and No, according to other answers.

I took an extra contraceptive pill by mistake.. is this ok?

if u are holy mary, possibly

Can you help out please?

Yes, it is. It is possible if a guy ejaculate sperm and afterwards manually puts it inside the vagina, or it get within somehow minus sex...conception can come about. And artificial insemination. You can still get hold of pregnant if your eggs are fertilised, even if you don't hold sex.

And afterwards if that happen to someone they can progress and start a religion!
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