Alright, im have unpardonable fearful monthlies. They are vastly sore and i terminate up ratification some voluminous fleshie stuff. I go to my doctor beside what i passed an they took it to pathology, found zilch wrong near it. I also have blood test run to see if i be pregnant or anemic which also come hindmost negitive. I am on birthcontrol, but this have be scheduled for around a year and ive just be on the pill for 3 months. I be wondering if anyone next to endometriosis have these symptoms? or what symptoms that you currently own? I hold an appt to an OBGYN but its not for another month. Any direction would be great!

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I hold stage 4 endo. I be diagnosed 7 years ago and own have 4 surgeries related to endo since that time.

What you describe is unequivocally not majority but something that several women suffer from. I, too, have severe cramps and clotting. I currently whip continuous birth control and don't own any period.

The just true diagnosis of endo can come from surgery - any a laparoscopy or laparotomy. However, most doctors will conclude that you enjoy endo base on symptoms fairly than surgery.

Also, several believe that a hysterectomy is the merely cure for endo. Is is NOT a cure. Many women enjoy a hysterectomy just to find out that the endo remains and they are still suffering.

There are a few treatment option but you can explore those once you've received the diagnosis.

I would unequivocally bargain to the doctor... and purely because you do not know at this point if it's endo I would suggest moving your appointment up so that you can acquire surrounded by sooner. Just to be safe and sound.

Also... several support websites should you receive a diagnosis of endo:


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A heat wad on you lower belly will lend a hand next to cramps. I hold other done this, and nil ever come wager on atypical. I would also drink a chalice of wine or beer to back next to the clots. I don't know why it help, but it did. Asprin will also support near the clots as economically. Other than this, I haven't found any answers or anything else to do to stop it.

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sounds resembling you own bulky period beside colossal clots ratification. Things that will give support to would be fish grease capsule (helps sunken blood) and prostaglandin inhibitors (ibuprophen) Make sure you start taking the ibuprophen at the first sign of your time of year and nick it on programme throughout your cycle. It's too behind time if you've started cramping, because you'll be "behind" for a while. Also, if you used depoprovera shots, instead of the pill, you might own lighter period or none at adjectives. BUT, to be exact up to your healthcare provider.

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This page will explain to you adjectives the facts you want to know.Periods be incredibly scratchy and solid,earlier I have op to clear it out.On average,it take 5-7 years to confirm endo.,so ask the gynny,if he think it could be this.The niggle is massive,close to the worst cramping and sharp agony u'll experience ever within your tummy.It usually presented surrounded by me next to anguish on one ovary,and solitary sturdy painkillers help.I hope this isn't what you own,but gain it checked out hun,and ASK roughly it,or they may clutch forever diagnosing it.I know,I have 3 unnecessary ops in the past I switched hospitals and get a more sympathetic Consultant.Three questtions he asked me,and every one I said yes to.That be how confident he diagnosed me.If they hold a vaginal scanner,they can see if its in attendance or not. Good luck :)
PS: U can own a coil fitted very soon too,and this help massively near the stomach-ache.

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I hold 4th stage endo - and am currently prescribed 4 month cycles on continuous BC (loestrin) so I'm single going to hold 3 monthlies a year. My symptoms be indigestible, tender, terribly irregular period along beside IBS around that time of the month, every month, and commonly stinging intercourse. I didn't hold any unusual content though. Anyway, the BC, bar putting on 12 lbs (which SUCKS!!) are working only just fine. I'm in fact do to enjoy my first spell contained by 4 months subsequent week, so we'll see how it go.

Due to the expense of the surgery, I'm trying to see if I can go and get away near freshly the BC treatment. From what I've read re: Lupron, I'd fairly own a hysterectomy than steal that crap!

Edit: I've only just read the girl above me voice 5-7 years to confirm diagnosis! That is certainly incorrect! You do NOT hold to suffer adjectives those years beforehand diagnosis/treatment! Also, if you want to become pregnant, this can affect fertility and so should be manage as soon as possible. You can win a laparoscopy (an outpatient surgical procedure) which will confirm hastily. Also surrounded by severe cases diagnosis can be achieve near a vaginal ultrasound. Good luck.

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You can lookup this site for further info on Endometriosis,

But I be once told that you can own anomalous monthlies on 1st 3mths of pills. Such as, cloying flows, pottings or even misses a pill may also lead to irregular monthlies. If you do not soaked up till 6 wipe (for filling flow) contained by a light of day, you shld loaf another month to see if your subsequent flow will be stern to everyday.

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hey yeah..my mom have the worst cramps, she couldnt even pace at times and yeah her blood flowed similar to a dampen slop. anyway if you are diagnosed near endometriosis close to may mom be after what i suggest and my mom would suggest if she be here would be to find ur uterus removed if you are doen have kids ofcourse. that would also show goin through menopause but my mom said it be worth it.

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I have exceptionally hurting cramping & endorsement clots close to you hold mentioned. When the drs finally diagnosed me, I have stage IV endometriosis. Don't permit it turn any longer than you categorically own to! I have a hysterectomy at age 30 because of it. Another symptom I have be that I would bring ache from the middle to lower piece of my pay for adjectives the channel to my knees a few days up to that time my period. Then I started to gain my period irregularly & heavily. Like I said, though, take to the doctor & hold them check you for endometriosis. The exam is not itchy & the sooner you find it, the better. Good luck!

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I be diagnosed near Endo solitary after surgery and that be just planned after suffering thru yrs of stinging period, ratification clots, etc. (I thought that be everyday because it run contained by my nearest and dearest - mom, cousins, etc.). I also have the biopsy done near no remarkable results, but planned the surgery because the niggle be becoming intolerable and affecting my characteristic of time.
I have my surgery almost 10 years ago, and if I'm not mistaken, endo can with the sole purpose be diagnosed thru a surgical procedure.
Because you own around a month previously your appt, jump contained by armed next to information - chart your niggle - does it start in the past your cycle, is near torment any other time of the month; Is your cycle on a regular agenda, do you own bleeding or spotting in between; is the blood discolored (dark or brown); is in that any oder. The more information you hold for the doctor, the easier it is for him/her to rigid a diagnosis or determine a plan of attack.
Good luck to you and be prepared to maybe see another doctor if you don't quality you're getting the results or responses from your current one to your smugness. I sought a 2nd and 3rd inference following my surgery merely to be sure I be ably informed.
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