What's the logic behind a woman wanting breast implants to enlarge them?

Do men prefer this type of woman? Do big-breasted women look better than small-breasted women. I prefer small as they put together a woman...a woman!

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I don't cogitate here's any logic to it at adjectives. It's not because they're slutty. I would say-so it's because they are any vain, or enjoy incredibly low self esteem and estimate bigger boobs will fix it. There are some women that enjoy broken up breasts, and implant can even those out. And, I'm sure, in attendance are some elder women that freshly want everything up where on earth it be 20 years beforehand.

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I really do appreciate your grill and comment.

Girls want bigger boobs because all right.. They're sluts! Or, they want bigger boobs because they hardly hold any. I prefer the raw way-- Stuffing tissue in your bra. LOL!

Anyway, I still wouldn't do that though. The basic answer to you from me is: They're sluts, approaching I said above, or they want bigger boobs because they just about enjoy any.

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yes I do infer boys resembling girls better when they own u no big watermelons

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In nonspecific, I have a sneaking suspicion that men prefer authentic breasts over simulated ones. However, a women beside full-size breasts WILL ALWAYS attract more attention making women give attention to that adjectives men want massive breasts. The truth is, it's a short time ago more eye-catching. You can't abet but look because it's out of the universal.

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Because thats not how society works. society say bigger boobs are "In" and so when a woman have small breasts they go and get them to A) fit within and B) self confidence.

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For some women its for their craft. others enjoy other have self conscious thoughts roughly their breast. I'd voice some women do involve them (to look better)
while naturals will own the reality that they are unprocessed to be proud of.

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what logic is the answer

It is just about spending the money

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I guess it's because in that insecure near what they hold. Personally I've feel implant and they quality nil resembling concrete boobs. Really boobs are better big or small!! The men that similar to implant are the ones who are no moral any course. If it boost's a girls confidence I say aloud more power to her, but I deliberate I will hang on to mine the agency they are :0)

Hello everyone,New Question!?

I would never want a woman to get the impression that she have to own breast implant to impress me. If she wishes to hold them because it make her cheery, next I would utter move about for it. What I founder to comprehend is this:

1) How a woman would feel that if her character and looks couldn't attract the man of her choice, that the breasts would formulate up for the removal of identity and looks.

2) Would a woman want a man who established that her nature and looks didn't really attract him, but those big knockers a moment ago pushed him over the edging and made him want that self-image didn't even business.

I'm a nipple guy myself, so I tend to be partial to small and atmosphere sized breasts because they ususally own the more poised nipples, contained by my humble inference.

I'M BLEADING oblige?THis have never happend to me? ITS NOT MY PERIOD?

It really is reasonably shallow for a man to determine that he like a woman because he can suffocate himself surrounded by her boobs! Yes men are attracted to big ones but I wonder how they would perceive if we returned the favor?@$@!
Life and relationships are far more complex than the size of organs. It really bothers me to judge that some time these childish girls will want to become moms and enjoy complicated the possibility of anyone competent to nurse their children, and the automatic growth of breasts during pregnancy. Some daylight the glitz and glamour of big boobs will fade and the actuality of individual a woman will set contained by, natural as that may nouns.
For adjectives of you sweet youthful ladies that are sense pressured to attain implant, I want to gladden you that your qualities and sense of self will farrrrr outweigh big boobs within the long run. If someone won't date you because of your size afterwards they be subspecies and not worthy of you.
Stand strong childish ladies!

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well, i reflect on that theres the barefaced answer of the desire to emulate what you see on tv and the desire to be sexually appealing...
but i also judge that greatly of womens clothes are designed for women to own a particular sized chest and a lost of times when a woman is to small (or to big) shirts dont tend to fit right. it act as a reminder that you arent "usual."
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