When do Hormones.?

Im 19 nearly 20 and i be wondering when my hormones will settle down?

Are Indianmen becoming more n more demanding..??

The wacky fluctuations will start to settle down sometime between your mid-twenties and mid-thirties.

Women's bodies slow down estrogen production at menopause, but your body will produce testosterone until you die. One of the perk of human being a man is no hot flashes :).

When you hit almost 50 it will slow down a moment or two more, and later taper sour as you attain elder. Right very soon your hormone production is stale the charts (just similar to adjectives 20 year olds).

Enjoy it (responsibly) while it last.

what could I hold?

Talk to a doctor. You've asked such a nonspecific cross-question that minus you providing more information, not a soul can really answer it.

Women solely. Wondering in the region of Pap Smear?

You enjoy several relaxed years of wonky hormones! I am presently 44 years antediluvian and am still have loads of grief frae ma hormones!! Good luck!
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