Endometriosis & weight gain?

I of late found out I hold endometriosis.

Could this hold anything to do near achievement nearly 2 lbs a month, even though I haven't changed my diet?

Period at hours of darkness?

I also suffer from Endo and hold gain some cargo while dealing w/ this condition. You didn't articulate if you be on anything for the Endo, such as birth control, but those can also basis some counterweight gain. The second drug I be put on be call Danazol and I be Always hungry while taking it. I put on almost 20 pounds in the 2 1/2 months I be on it. Once I approved to stop taking it and the doctor switched me to the meds I am on presently...the pounds melt away, and I even lost more bulk consequently I have gain. Talk w/ your doctor to see what meds if any will lend a hand you operate w/ the Endo, but also lead to the lowest possible counterweight gain. It can be done...I am proof. :)

Do tampons hurt? and what going on for stmoach cramps?

Endo can play havoc near your body and hormones. If you are taking any of the meds they prescribe for it, count on cargo gain, mood swings, chronic depression, suicidal tendancies. crying jags, emotion resembling crap. Also, keep under surveillance out for estrogen, as it cause extreme weightiness gain. Go to a upright OBGYN who specializes surrounded by this and see going on for lasar surjury. Its the solitary approach to bring back rid of this, and later jump on monitored meds. Severe cases require hysterectomy, but they own to be really severe beforehand you walk that route. No reversals surrounded by hysterectomies. Laser offer the lowest possible invasive, quickest recovery over laparotomy i.e. more invasive, bigger scar and longer reclamation times. Don't consent to them put you on anything in need them monitoring you at smallest once a month. Those are strong drugs, and if you own side effects, speak up. No plea to put up next to doomed to failure side effects ever.
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