Birth control?

Whats the best type of birth control pill or anything else besides the condom. If i be on the pill when should i embezzle it and so i pocket it everyday? Just pass me that info and stores roughly speaking you using the birth control that you use. And why you use it.

Other than Gardasil what measures can someone bear to prevent cancer?

Condoms are the single protection against STD's so unless you are married other use a condom as in good health.

I use the mini 28 pill. I own be on it for years. And although i enjoy have for a while weightiness gain (not much) i found it ok, no other side affects. I bear mine at 5pm everyday so i remember to lug it back dinner. I am usually awake and when i be first on it i made a ryhme for it using the words hi 5 to remember to rob it at five. Its sounds stupid but it worked..

I'm seventeen and still growing.?

I use the Mirena IUD. It is for a time plastic T-shaped point that your OB/GYN doctor inserts for you. It stays in place and have rather string to verbs it out. It can be within for as little as you want or for up to 5 years. It's great. No pills to verbs roughly. No pills to thieve every daylight. other option include the shot (once a month or every 4 months), feminine condom, the sponge, Norplant, patch, and eternal sterilization.

I am with satisfaction married so it's supreme for me since I solitary own sex near my husband. It is 99.9% significant. It is totally reversible once you hold it removed. You can practically return with pregnant right away. (not so next to birth control pills--it can run up to 2 years to carry prregnant after stopping the pills). You can own a sturdy, phenomenal time for the first year, consequently after that, its' lite spotting. Hardly any cramps. You of late can't use a tampon because you might verbs on the wrong string. But since, it's lite spotting, a lite pantyliner will do. Good luck.
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