How do you know? Help needed ( details below)?

how do you know when you hold your length? I found rather bit or pink/red disharge in my knickers afterwards get heavier into overcast red blood? is this my interval.
I dont want to trouble my dad if it is not. So what you lot think
Thankyou in advance

I am a virgin, never have sex

How can i ask a personnal medical give somebody the third degree on here?

Yep, sounds close to your spell. Welcome to the club! Let your dad or whoever know so that they can bring you to bring some supplies. If it's basically your dad you may want to appointment a womanly relative, a friend, or a friend's mom or someone else you be aware of comfortable discussion to so you can ask them any question that your dad doesn't know the answer to. Good luck!

Will smoking marijuana nightly interfere next to a breast downgrading surgery or recouping? I don't smoke ciggaretes

Yes i believe this is your spell.

Celexa && Libido!?

most plausible

Why am I so tired adjectives the time?

Definitely your length. You should explain to whomever you obligation to, so you can return with the proper sanitary supplies.

Welcome to womanhood!

is it conventional?

Sounds close to your starting your time of year it may just be a couple days or it could be 7 days. But most plausible you own started and it won't progress away until it ends.
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