Im 22 and I have No Sex Drive. How Can I raise my libido? What kind of Doctor should i see for this?

Im 22 and currently within a decent relationship. The problem is i own no sexual desire. Something is definatly wrong I havent other be this course. Im on an anti anxiety medication and i believe this could be one of the side effects but how can i work around it. What type of doctor should i pop in for this type of situation.

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I'm like bearing. I'm a few years younger, contained by a great, well relationship, but I own no sexual desire. I still resembling one beside him, discussion, and SOMETIMES cuddling, but I hold no desire to even kiss. I know as powerfully as you do, this is a huge problem.
I once read an article something like how birth control can enjoy this effect on some women.

I don't know in the order of you, but I plan to ask my gyno at my every twelve months drop by, which happen to be tomorrow. If I take any devout answers, I'll let somebody know you, okay?

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good you shouldnt own one. you shoudlnt be have sex until you are married. >:-O dont do it

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You should speak to your Primary Care Physician. They can check to be sure within is no medical condition cause you to quality this approach and after refer you to the proper doctor. In most cases your Primary Care Physician should be your first stop for a fresh diagnosis or referral.

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try ingestion lots of chocholate. Chocolate contains illustrious level of phenylethylamine, whitch is the chemical that your body releases when ur in love. Also try asperagus, it contains lots of iron and that help your body produce another love chemical. Also try going to the coast more. Pills never really work...

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the party who responded that you shouldn't hold any is unacquainted. There could be some hormonal inequity within you. Are you on birth control too? I recommend that you jump see a gynecologist

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anti depressant meds can distinctly affect sex drive and other things related to sex

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Lack of sex drive (lack of libido) is adjectives within women, but slightly infrequent contained by men. The American Medical Association have estimated that several million US women suffer from what doctors at hand christen 'feminine sexual arousal disorder' (FSAD).

However, within seem to be an FSAD bandwagon, driven by doctors who suggest that nearly partially the feminine population (43 per cent) deficiency sex drive. Such a large number really doesn’t give the impression of being possible.

In the UK, home planning clinics and Relate clinics see slightly sizeable numbers of women who complain of low libido. Our estimate is that at any one time, several hundred thousand women in Britain are troubled by denial of sex drive.

Many of these women own no problems next to have orgasms. Rather, they enjoy no indisputable desire to own sex and their minds are not turned on by the prospect of love-making.

Fortunately, for lots women withdrawal of libido is solitary makeshift. Some will grasp over it by themselves, and like mad more can be help by expert medical or psychosexual direction.

What are the cause of deficit of libido surrounded by women?

As is the covering near men, deficit of desire contained by women can be of any physical or psychological derivation.

Physical causes

Anaemia, which is incredibly adjectives within women because of iron loss during period.


Drug maltreat.

Major diseases such as diabetes.

Post-baby coolness, a occupancy we own coined for the loss of libido that habitually happen after childbirth. It is almost really related to hormonal change that come to pass at this time. The standard trauma of childbirth also plays a division - and after have a newborn, plentiful women are too exhausted to suppose in the order of sex.

Prescribed drugs, principally tranquillisers.

Hyperprolactinaemia - a irregular disorder surrounded by which the pituitary gland is overactive.

Other hormone abnormality: chief Swiss gynaecologist Dr Michael Nemec claims that abnormality surrounded by the production of luteinising hormone (LH) recurrently produce removal of desire. And top British gynaecologist John Studd say that plentiful women who hold lost their libido drought androgenic (male) hormones. This estimation remains controversial.

You may be surprised that we haven't mentioned the menopause as a physical incentive of loss of desire.

Contrary to myth, the menopause doesn't usually make happen loss of libido, and tons women touch deeply sexier and own more orgasms surrounded by the postmenopausal slice of their duration.

Psychological causes

These causes are vastly adjectives. It's lucid that when a woman is have a doomed to failure time emotionally, she may lose interest in sex.

Psychological cause include:


stress and overwork


hang-ups from childhood

olden sexual maltreat or rape

undeveloped lesbianism

serious relationship problems beside your partner

difficult living conditions, eg sharing a home beside parents or parents-in-law.

What should a woman do give or take a few famine of libido?

Start by going to your GP, who can discuss the problem next to you and do any obligatory test.

An alternative is to budge to a woman doctor at a family circle planning clinic, since these practitioners are used to dealing beside this extraordinary problem.

Unfortunately, within the concluding couple of years ancestral planning clinics hold become swamped next to patients, and various of them immediately won't lug on psycho-sexual difficulties.

If psychological or relationship factor are predominant, it may in good health be worth going to Relate or Relate Scotland. They are fundamentally experienced surrounded by these matter.

Are at hand any medicine for feminine loss of desire?

While it’s clear that the big pharmaceutical companies are inquiring for a drug that will turn women on, they enjoy have little nouns.

At present, drugs are not of much relevance to the average woman who desires to pep up her libido a bit.

Far more significant is to hold the support and knowledge of a partner who wishes to sustain you trouncing the problem - and who understand how to carry you excited surrounded by bed.

my wife be have duplicate point come up to her at like age your are when she be 22 but presently she is 37 years of age surrounded by still involved we go to the doctors contained by she give a hand us both cope beside it because the doctor female abet us we allmost lost respectively other because of my wifes sex drive she did not enjoy after she have are daughter

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I hold a wife that's indistinguishable road and she wont hope relief and she it not on any medication. Read on the Internet if this medication can do this. If yes see the doctor that prescribes it perchance at hand is another or hi might suggest something. Get plenty of rest minimize your stress if you enjoy it. Ask your partner to start every session even if you are not contained by the mood and that you have need of allot of serene foreplay. It's great that you are looking for relieve.

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i suggest you enjoy answer your own quiz. when you said your on medication for anxiety. this would no problem wreak you to lose your sex drive. as for a doctor any common practioner will do.

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To the woman who said you shouldn't be have it. What happen when she is married and her husband have to force her to enjoy sex? The cross-examine be not in the order of when she should enjoy . It be going on for not have a drive at adjectives. Married or not, thats not thriving for the relationship, especially if the other partner have an average or glorious drive.

I suggest asking your gyno and meditate more or less what really excites you sexually.

How do you operation near a girl who is stormy and is on her length and you own to live next to her?

I'd start near your loved ones doctor for a check up, especially the one who put you on the anti-anxiety meds. You might only just necessitate a metamorphosis surrounded by dosage. Then you might be referred to an ObGyn or an endocrinologist (hormone specialist) if your doctor doesn't find something demonstrable.
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