Birthcontrol and Breastfeeding?

My doctor prescribed me the minipill for birth control but I'm really unpromising at taking pills. Is at hand any other method of birth control that I can ask her give or take a few. She said that the minipill be adjectives I could pinch. Is this true?

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Yes! The hormones within it are different that surrounded by other forms of birth control-it doesn't contain estrogen close to the patch or ring, or other pills. Either put your pills on your bedside table or by your toothbrush-that mode you can remember to bear them when you go and get up contained by the morning or dance to bed at hours of darkness. That's the easiest track I've found to remember to pocket them.

If you're interested in other forms of birth control, you could ask her nearly a diaphragm or an IUD. A diaphragm is non-hormonal and you newly pop it surrounded by near some spermicide-your doctor will fit you for one, but they don't work as ably for women who already own children. An IUD is inserted into your uterus, it's somewhat t-shaped device that can be kept within for a few years, but taken out by your doctor if you want to do so earlier-however, IUD's can release hormones, so I'm not sure if that's a viable choice while you're breastfeeding or not. It never hurts to ask.

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It's not true. My Dr offered me 3 option. An IUD and something that go beneath my skin in my arm. Don't know the christen...Sorry.
One ending 3 years, the other 5 years. I don't want to dally that long to seize pregnant again.

My mother and i enjoy never talk something like or anything close to that so how do i ask her to out me on birth control?

just transport the damn pills

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You could use a condom, the "verbs and pray" method, or abstinance.

I, too, am fruitless next to pills but stuck next to the "mini" pretty capably. Five months after my first son be born, I cultured I be one month pregnant...again.

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Unfortunately the mini pill is one where on earth you own to be VERY sensible in the region of taking it on the dot - you can't bear it more than an hour behind time. You would be better sour on the shot, patch or bud, if taking pills is difficult for you.
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