Fibroids and Constipation !!?

I be diagnosed beside fibroids more or less a year ago and they enjoy grown significantly since. I own granted to enjoy a myomectomy within the summer of '08 because my symptoms aren't that doomed to failure. However, the fibroids are cause constipation!! I other be aware of bloated and own somewhat poochy belly adjectives the time. Anybody own any suggestions on how to treaty next to this until the surgery? Is it impossible to use OTC laxatives (like the glycerin suppositories) 1-2X a week? Thanks!

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I undergo a myomectomy 3 weeks ago. Good luck next to this- so far my results are favorable. I have 11 tumors removed, 6 of which be at lowest possible 4 surrounded by within diameter. I did not suffer from constipation prior to the surgery, but I did afterwards. In reality, I stayed longer at the hospital due to it. My best solution be a laxative, originally. Now, I've be competent to stay regular next to a stool softener, 8-10 specs of dampen on a daily basis, and fiber rich foods. Vegetables and fruit are angelic for your diet and for nouns of constipation. Good luck, again!

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Try increasing your fiber intake through fruits and veggies or a supplement similar to Metamucill. If this doesnt assistance I would use a laxative, but be sure you dont pinch too much and be sure to be close to a toilet at adjectives times!


My mom have fibroids and she drinks herbal tea. She get it from the herb female. I presume her website is It really works. She started drinking it a year ago and the fibroids shrunk and she stopped have distress.

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