Fibromyalgia - do you have it and what are the main symptoms to watch out for. Serious answers only.?


Women: sort of an crushing grill?

yep.. i hold it.. my basic symptoms are fatigue, muscle lowliness, and discomfort.

they will do a few non uncomfortable test to diagnose it for you

Irregular Period?

Muscle sore adjectives over; extreme fatigue. I sometimes enjoy a problem recitation which is the fibromyalgia and which is a tangible condition setting in such as the flu. Many times I'd to some extent rest than fix something to devour so a right diet is repeatedly rugged to prolong. Pain make a well brought-up hours of darkness's sleep almost impossible which merely add to the fatigue. Keeping a positive attitude is markedly celebrated.

i hold started to exercise and hold be drinking better but i hold gain some wieght?

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is a chronic , regularly disabling condition. It is of unknown end in. Signs are wild fatigue and endemic affliction surrounded by the muscles, ligaments(arms and legs) and your tendons.

Ok, im 15, 116 lb, 5'4, and a 32 D. Most of my friends weigh more than me but look more skinny. what give?

yes, I hold fibromyalgia.

My symptoms are hugely aching muscles (as if you have a REALLY tricky workout the daylight earlier.) and fatigue, and irritable bowel syndrome, which commonly go along near it. This cause bumpy bloating and constipation or diarrhea when drinking foods that are giant contained by solid, or dairy products. Sleep problems are also a symptom. I frequently own insomnia I be told that a party next to fibromyalgia doesn't shift into the vast re cooperative sleep that others do that help the body repair itself. I be also told that aerobic exercise help for the sleep issues.

It is tremendously rugged to catch diagnosed properly unless you travel to a rhumatologist, which is what I finally did. They determine if you own it by asking question just about your symptoms and by pushing on undisputed "pressure points" on your body, and if you own it, you will hold cramp surrounded by these areas.
I have a hysterectomy, and when I am on replacement hormones it really help my backache, but next I win complications from the hormones, so I don't thieve them any more.
squeeze analysis help me too.
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