Do u get tested for hiv/aids when having an abortion?


After sex..?

No, you will enjoy to ask for it

My mother have her time of year 2 weeks ago and have it again already- is this a sign of oncoming menopause?

no i dont belive you wud necessitate to ask for it seperatly

Girls..I stipulation give support to?

neva hear of them doin dat. and ive have 5

anyone going through menopause and put on loads of wieght?

You can request one but I guess they freshly do a regular blood eyeshade. When I have mine I don't reflect on they did b/c you own to sign a consent form & if I did I don't remember b/c I be so doped up b4 & after. Good lUck.

any other girls have this?

It have be a quantity of years since my end abortion, but at that time they did not do the examination. I conjecture it is a oral exam you enjoy to request.
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