im a girl and im 15...i contemplate i own hirsutism beacuse i own alot of mane on my belly and lower subsidise, chin and the sides of my facade and some on my d¨Ścolletage...should i travel to the doctor? and could it catch treated?

how long it clutch for a girl to achieve pregnacy symptoms?

You should remember that some citizens own more coat than others due to house genes, but it is exalted to determine how much it is common. If you own doubts wether it is run of the mill or isn't, you may dance to your doctor. In the travel case that you suffer of hirsutism, it can be treated. Usually, it is due to hormonal inequity or some drugs. Although hirsutism is an essential esthetical issue, it usually comes algong a more serious problem.

What's going on?

I would. Specifically, you should ask the doctor to find the underlying basis. It could be something explicitly well treated, or you may hold to resort to diverse hair-removal technique. Either bearing, you really should find out the underlying make happen.

what produce tummy cramps?

Go to a doctor or whoever take assistance of those sorts of things, that sounds kinda odd.

Throwing up? upsetting?

It might be symptomatic of an underlying problem, probably hormonal, but it could also merely be that you are readily unkempt. Quite plentifully of girls own down on their belly, subsidise and frontage nouns. I do, although most of it is pretty watered-down and fine and short, unlike the rest of my fuzz which is shade.

Are your domestic member downy? Do you own ancestors from the Mediterranean? It could only just be genetic. There is seriously of sort within down. I'm dishevelled because it's within my family circle. Check out your parents, aunts, siblings, adjectives your relatives, if you haven't already. I would see a doctor if it's making you self-conscious especially if your loved ones isn't woolly.
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