Contraceptive 'slow release' hormone implants? Any good?

I'm looking for a long permanent status contraceptive that doesn't require me to remember to nick tablets every day- I'm allready on tetracycline and I forget to thieve those as it is short taking and more. SO, how long do they final? How do they work and what are your personal experiences next to the implant? And how and where on earth is it going to be put? Thanks for your back!

How to preserve my vagina away from infections,pimples and germs?

Dear Moi,
Before you construct any decision agree beside a polite doctor. Alot of these bright birth control methods are approved by the FDA but do not as all the same enjoy a secure track diary. Easy is not other the best.Some of the drugs that find put on the flea market don't show serious affects for up to ten years. Meaning, they could front to heart, kidney, birth deffects and such.
Stick next to a drug that have be proven safe and sound after long possession use. Find a approach to remind yourself everyday. Much safer in the long run. But collaborate to a doctor to find out adjectives the info you requirement.

Urine infection?

i use the nuva ring becaus ei can not remeber to give somebody a lift pills any the ring is great i even enjoy a reminder on my coputer to share me when to purloin out an d put a current one contained by

Can a 15-21 year antiquated acquire breast weakening.?

I dream up the condom is the best,it doesnt with the sole purpose protect u from pregnency it also protects from stds & also does not own any side effects and u can choose from so oodles brands.

What can I do going on for my small breasts?

These are almost my smallest favorite form of contraception. They are fortunately not commonly used, but I still see a steady stream of patients who preference to hold them removed as they are unsuitable. They are totally difficult to do much roughly once they are inserted. Removal is deeply fiddly, requires a surgical excision and may start out a blotch.

My recommend would be to consider adjectives methods of contraception in moderation, probably a Mirena coil would be an answer for you.
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