Seeing spots, frequent headaches and and extreme tiredness?

anyone know what this might be? over the end few days ive be seeing spots, alot... sometimes more close to shooting stars... im 25 and no im not pregnant in bag that make a difference

Vaginal dull pain after.. EVERYTHING.?

Hi I am sorry that you aren't sensation resourcefully. This really sounds approaching your blood sugar level might be shifting too much or that they are a short time ago not suspended within standard. I would try to monitor when you are drinking to preserve your level more middle-of-the-road. I don't know what it is, i.e. what it sounds similar to to me. I hope that this help you some how and that you get the impression better soon. : )

am i hefty? please answer?

Thats interesting, later time i be seeing spots i be any extremely tired. Or i have a pinched self-assurance contained by my spine. Yes it can effect your verbs! Which i hadnt thought of, but when i get someone to squeeze my spine and the bravery from my d¨Ścolletage up into my brain it ease rotten and the spots stopped. I hope you digit whats up, perfect luck ~ Sheky

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This could be something neurological and REALLY requests to be discussed next to a doctor ASAP. It could be an indication of a problem in the head/brain. PLEASE desire instant medical aid beside your doctor.

Body issues?

sounds approaching you obligation to agenda a docor appointment

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Could be related to the flu as one possibility but I would recommend seeing your doctor for further evaluation of the situation to see what they meditate is going on.

Bad menstrual cramps, sustain?

Sounds approaching you necessitate to munch through something.
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