The Pill & Endometriosis?

Does the birth control pill shrink endometriosis? If you own endometriosis and the pill does shrink it and help near the misery feel beside endometriosis, would the doctor still find endometriosis if he did a laparoscopy to diagnose whether you enjoy endometriosis or not?

Does anyone else self-pleasure themselves when they are bored?

I found out 6 years ago that I suffer from Endo. I own be on adjectives types of BC pills, patch, shots, and even surgries. I own never hear of any type of BC pill that would shrink the Endo implant. When put on BC it's usually to stop your cycle (depending on how you purloin it) and when you own no cycle the implant can't/don't grow. I hold have 3 lap done and even w/ adjectives of the meds I own be on, my doc have be competent to see the Endo implant still within. When I be first put on adjectives of the BC pills it be really to stop my cycle and back w/ the stomach-ache. And it did for a while, but consequently they stopped working. Now I am on a exotic medication and it's be great. I still own unpromising days, but not as oodles as past.
Hope this help.

how is stds started?

Check out this website!! It should answer adjectives of your question.

Any suggestion?

The other effects remain (like fibrosis) and I deliberate the doctor will know how to find it. Anyhow, you will be better lacking symptoms.
Good luck!
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