My wife had a tubal ligation and....?

Her doc give us the okay to "hold fun", but I'm still have doubts. Should we still use another type of protection?

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There is a slight risk of pregnancy after tubal ligation (about 5 per 1,000 women).

This risk is attributable to the tubes growing spinal column together (this usually take at most minuscule a year) or clips/ligatures (if used) failing to work properly. It may also be due to the surgery not person perform correctly. Ectopic pregnancy (pregnancy outside the uterus) is also a risk.

Ten years post-tubal ligation, an estimated 18 out of 1,000 women become pregnant, usually for equal reason as above.

The above are worst-case scenario. I believe that if you instruct yourself on the subject of procedures and conditions, you are more comfortable next to the procedures/conditions and are better-prepared to cope next to any complications.

You should follow your physician's guidance and "own fun". Another type of protection is surplus to requirements.

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No. You are flawless to turn - immediately be in motion !

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Hi Mike. Have adjectives the fun you want, once the tubes are tied and she have her time, to be exact it. All done. No more pregnancies. It is really in danger of extinction any women could/can gain pregnant once this is done and that is to say single if the procedure be done wrong. Today's prescription the probability of i.e. glum 99.9%. So forget going on for it, relax and relish respectively other and don't verbs. Marie

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Tubal ligation is a formal sterilization method, the doctor know when it is ok. The likelihood of pregnancy after tubal ligation are miniscule.

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Tubal Ligation is a particularly decisive form of birth control. But, resembling adjectives other forms, they are not 100%. There is other a tiny possibility (less than 1%) that the tubes will reconnect. If this tiny percent is going to get through at you, use something to be sure. It is really easier said than done to soak up yourself if you own that concern contained by the put money on of your mind. It is outstandingly unlikely to occur. Good strength.

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If you are so doubtful, why don't you yourself bring back fixed. Why should she be the solely one to run through the procedure and agony contained by decree to "enjoy fun"?
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