I've been having chronic yeast infections for about 5 months now. Do I have HIV or were they just not cured?

I have unprotected sex six months ago. I'm getting tested tomorrow...but it will rob a week or two since I carry trial results. AND I'm panicky.

I read somewhere that women who do hold HIV receive chronic yeast infections because of their powerless immune system. Wouldn't that stingy I should've gotten sick from coming in contact next to my neice who have the flu? Or gotten sick from my classmates who have colds or something? I haven't gotten sick at adjectives! (knock on wood)

Furthermore...I hear that if you don't dawdle at most minuscule 9-10 for your yeast infection to be cured earlier have sex, it will come hindmost again? So conceivably adjectives this time, I freshly haven't cured it? My gyno prescribed these pills for me to help yourself to...it worked contained by the origin..but in a minute i grain immuned to it or something. I don't know... someone assist me!

FYI: I'm a 22 y/o feminine...I exercise seriously...I enjoy a nourishing diet (tofu, lean meat, veggies, intact wheat breads) and I do drink a great deal next to friends almost every weekend.


Hiv results from a viral exposure prevailing to a feeble and compromised immune system.Constant diharrea (spelling?) white spots in the mouth, mouth sores commonly and hoarseness, are some initial symptoms. Also one develops such as pneumonia and /or a cancer can come up as it worsens. Any relationship or sexual encounter smaller amount than 6 months time ( to be sure it is exclusive first)SHOULD use protection or in that is a risk of any std, including hiv/aids. This have be certain to not show up within a character until 5-10 years of exposure. The BEST article to do is win tested. The waiting is the worst subdivision for the result. Be tolerant and busy to not focus on this. Try other manner of treating the yeast infection. There are one dosage over the counter products at drugstores very soon. Chronic yeast infections signal something is out of go together surrounded by the body. I would look up yeast infections on a medical site here for more accurate info on how to best treat this.Try mayoclinic dot com and enter yeast infection in the search out tablet. Then click on treatment when this comes up in attendance. You can also check cause of this nearby.

My sympathy to you to hold this repeatedly. I own found that consumption yogurt beside alive cultures especially when one take an antibiotic is handy to prevent these, and can be used to treat this as resourcefully. If you want more info on how to beside that, later include me as a contact on here and I can agree to you know.

On the drinking , a moment ago so you know, the statistics show that women should NOT hold more than ONE alcoholic drink day by day if they do this regularly. This can and will increase breast cancer risk if done in greater amounts regularly.I would stop the drinking as it can grounds liver and kidney hurt then within time that can be awfully serious.

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if you are so worried later I would suggest you find an hiv exam, it's other best to procure one regardless for piece of mind

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just a thought, you can acquire yeast infections from your partner... men can own one and never no it. so if you are near one and only one partner, he requests to rob medication to grasp rid of it. I ruminate also that ingestion yogurt will facilitate. adjectives that drinking I don`t know throwing your body stale too. Make sure your getting satisfactory sea... Good luck!

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You should look at the reason losing them. Do you see some sort of guide? For example, I hold gotten 2 contained by the later 3 months and I realize it be from sweating alot at work (for resembling 6 + hours at least) and staying in matching clothes for sometimes hours afterwards. Now I dont wear underwear, (I know its gross, but it works!)
And I own also started taking a supplement on a daily basis its call Yeast Gard and you can go and get it at any drug store surrounded by the feminine hygiene aisle. I havent gotten one since. Also, the first one I got, I treated it and my husband got it and give it rear legs to me. You really stipulation to take care. Hope this help.
It could be wearing tight sweaty clothes, wash near a deoderant soap down at hand or it could be an imperviousness issue, but most credible not , because you would spot if you enjoy be sick.

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lots of things can dispense you yeast infections
you polite possiblity is your partner could be giving it spinal column to you
lots ttimes guys receive yeast infections and sometimes they dont even hold symptoms but the make a contribution it stern to you
it can be an everlasting cycle
the cream that you use for the outside will work for him too


HIV and YEAST INFECTIONS TWO DIFFERENT THINGS. HIV is TERMINAL once you capture it sooner or latter youre GOING TO DIE!! There is NO CURE FOR HIV. Yeast infections will variety you discern close to you would die but are not highly contagious.

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