Have you had an ablation for Endometriosis or Adenomysosis?

How did you surface afterward and how have your time changed since?

Why Am i Dilated ?

I have ablation finishing year. After the procedure I cramped for nearly 4 hours and have slight bleeding for a few weeks after. The discomfort wasn't anything that Advil couldn't switch. It be worth it.

Can you please help out me? girls one and only please! {read details}?

I haven't have one, but I'm interested in the type done next to super-heated marine (to stop monthly bleeding) after I enjoy Essure done. The procedure sounds a bit scratchy, but close to it would be worth it contained by the back. You should read up on the different ways to enjoy it done. Good luck!

I"m not have periods/menstruating!?!?!?

I have the NovaSure procedure and a D & C done at one and the same time. I have no problems at adjectives. I will I have done it sooner.

Where can I find some birth control pills contained by warren ,michigan?

I have one done for Endo 2 years ago. Hysteroscopy w/laser. didn't require any twinge meds, bled for a few weeks.

It is not a cure for Adenomyosis though.
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