Hey i want bravo for making my boobs big where can i get bravo from?

n how to trade name em small for my cousin wot shall she use
2. any hacker online
3.my boss hurts approaching crazy ,touch drowzy enjoy ,red spots round the cranium, lacking hair patch wot malady is thissssss plzzzzzzzzzzzzz helpppppp


not comprehensible.

If i am 95-105 pounds what size bra should i be? a, b, c,?

wtf, wtf, wtf,

Why do most African American women enjoy huge ereolas and white women dont?

that made no sense what so ever!?

Why do I ALWAYS receive this intuition that?

ur rickyBOY right? and Whats a bravo?

How do u hang on to your chops particularly nourishing w/o discoloration?

Erm its a dribble away of money dont draw from it hold surgey
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