Why do all these symptoms mean? No menstrual cycle, many muscle spasms, headaches and lower abdominal pain?

I've be going to a multitude of different doctors for days gone by 6 years and they adjectives do not do their job, which is resembling run test and other things resembling that. I communicate them that my menstrual cycle have be hugely sour, where on earth I hold not have a cycle for one undamaged year and consequently I bleed continuously for two near solely two days past its sell-by date a month, and in a minute my cycle have stopped since April of this year when my doctor give me progesteron and hasn't returned since. Throughout this time I hold also be have involuntary and frequent muscular spasms in my disappeared upper eyelid, my not here index finger, my moved out arm and my vanished calf. I enjoy horrible headache that perceive close to someone is sticking their thumbs into my brain and only just pushing down really rugged on both sides lying on my person in charge. I am also have intense lower abdominal agony everyday. The lone test my unknown doctor have done are blood test and an ultrasound. The test showed I be severely anemic and that I have a cyst on my right ovary, on the other hand no diagnoses. Help

What do i do? shots!! =0 pleeeeez sustain?

first you enjoy severe hormone inconsistency you requirement to rota appointment near an endocrinologist, once the incentive have be determined which is most possible glandular surrounded by outlook your other issues should be capable of be diagnosed, I would also recommend seeing a neurologist, please follow this direction as it may let go your existence!

What is this specifically up during sex (kind of fluid).?

Sounds resembling policystic ovarian disease. Please, hold your doctor do a fast blood sugar and check your cholestorole.

What do you ponder is too big?

I saw this exact article on the Health Channel! Do you bring resembling skin tag or pimples and fluctuate shipment? I could swear she have impossible to tell apart problems.
Now if I could remember what it be call...
The treatment be estrogen balancers, I regard as.
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